Patrick Eugene Johnson is a Pedophile and a Thief a Stalker and more!!

PatrickEugeneJohnsonI had this big idea about posting all of this background “INFO” on Patrick Eugene Johnson a.k.a. “Charlie Brown Johnson”. After reading all of the “INFO” on his last spree, the D.A. in Travis County has produced a pretty good overview of “Charlie Brown Johnson”. This document pretty much encapsulates what he’s been up to in the Towing Industry. My only question is after admitting that children in the neighborhood would come by for Free Computer time and Drugs, Alcohol, and Blowjobs according to a Victim that was 12 years old the time,  why is this degenerate still allowed to be on a computer. Why was it not confiscated as evidence? Is he wearing an ankle bracelet? Now allegedly he’s assaulted this victim at an early age but as well I guess his current boyfriend was a minor when they met.

Have a look for yourself below.




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